A new film by Patrick Rosenkranz

Collectors are people who like to tell stories – about the rare objects they’ve found, the history of their favorite pieces, and the cultural significance of their prized relics. Some like to hide their goodies away behind closed doors but others create private museums to show the world what they’ve gathered together.

Meet collectors of antique telephones and talking machines, confectionary molds, snowglobes, handcuffs, breweriana, and other interesting artifacts, as they tell their own unique tales of research, preservation, and passionate pursuit. It’s a fascinating and revealing look into a special fraternity of modern hunters and gatherers.

It may be hard to describe what it feels like to accumulate a top-notch collection, but filmmaker Patrick Rosenkranz attempts to reveal the rewards and delights that result from their efforts. Why do people collect? What motivates someone to devote the time and effort to amass a large number of similar or related objects? Let’s just say it can bring a lot of satisfaction.

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